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Aggro Berlin is an independent German hip-hop record label featuring four artists; Sido, B-Tight, Tony D and Fler. The label is known mostly for its controversial lyrics and themes. The four artists have been criticized for the attitude of their songs towards women and gay people. Songs that have been singled out include "Neger bums mich" (Negro, fuck me), "Arschficksong" (Assfucksong) and "Aggro". In 2004, Sido's debut album, "Maske" (mask) sold more than 100,000 copies in less than a month. In September of that year, the rapper won a prestigious German music award for "Best Newcomer". The artist Bushido left Aggro in June of 2004 for Universal Music. "Aggro" is German street slang for having an aggressive attitude. Berlin is the city where the label is headquartered. All artists signed by Aggro Berlin live in Berlin. Fler received a gold record for his albums "Neue Deutsche Welle " and "Trendsetter". Sido went gold with his new Album " Ich " in just 3 days.

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