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Singer, composer and an actress. She tries to put together sophisticated poetry and contemporarily arranged music. Released 4 LP albums. Received 2 nominations for Polish Music Award "Fryderyk" 2000 and 2005 in the cathegory "Album of the Year - Poetical Music". She graduated from the Vocal Department of the Actor's High School in Krakow, Poland and from an Actor's studio "Spot" in Krakow and studied also on Jazz and Entertainment Department in Katowice and in Vocal-Actor's Studio in Gdynia. Her songs are based on lyrics by famous polish poets from younger (Michal Zablocki) as well as older (Czeslaw Milosz) generations. Poetical words and adequate music enforced with strong interpretation make her songs unique and her stage-presence impressive. This is probably the reason why she won three prizes on 21. Festiwal of Singing Actors in Wroclaw including special prize of German-Polish Kultural Association "Polonica".

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