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Ahmed was born on March 17th in Cairo . Ahmed is the romantic and emotional member of the band. His eyes will tell you that. He is married. Being a PISCES, Fahmi is very emotive and sensetive, he is so imaginative and you can find these feeling obviously in his way of singing. Ahmed, along with Mohamed Nour , was the founder of the WAMA band. Besides being the lead vocalist, he also plays the violin, writes lyrics and composes some of WAMA's music. He also composes several kinds of music such as modern music for orchestras ans also for solo instruments. Going from classical music and performing in international concerts , to Arabic pop, was a move that Fahmy has always considered inevitable. He has always been intrigued by Arabic music and the chance to perform in a band with friends that he has known for most of his life ,was an opportunity he wasn't going to pass. When he decided to form the band with Nour and noticed the enthusiasm of Shami and Waddour to take part. He also won many classical competitions around the world , the last one was in spain 2001. He looks up to Abdel Wahab and Fayrouz and his goal is that of most talented and respected artists: reach music immortality. Fahmi's first dream is acting, Maybe he loves acting more than singing, That's why when he got the opportunity to act in nice movie with professionl team work, He accepted and his start in Cinema is in 2007 in the movie {khaleeg neama} with the star (Ghada Adel). And He begines to work on his solo album which is titled { Geit fe Baly }.

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