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1) Ăia (Those) is a Romanian melodic rock band hailing from Braşov. Official web site 2) Aia is an Estonian experimental IDM, noise Band. 3) AiA is a Finnish group. A mix of vocal music, pop, traditional folk and jazz combined with the electronic programming and arrangements of two music engineers. After years of touring the world with the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins and his Adiemus project, a few vocalists felt the burning need to set up an independent vocal ensemble. They had been singing together in various vocal line-ups since college. At Christmas 2007, time seemed ripe for turning a new leaf in the career. Six seasoned professionals decided to clear their calendars and start working together on a regular basis. And, lo and behold, their first concerts sold out and blew the roof off the venues. The newborn AiA shook off the cobwebs of the drowsing genre of vocal ensemble music. Coming up with a name for a new ensemble is an inspiring but challenging task. This time, however, the letters AiA seemed to appear out of thin air, and felt right from the start. When it was discovered that Aia is the name of the Goddess of Sunrise in Greek mythology, the choice was clear. And then, as if on cue, AiA was booked to perform at the Apollo Theatre on the Greek Island of Syros. Musically, AiA wants to find their own voice, their unique timbre. The members have been singing in a variety of line-ups for years, with an impressive number of television, radio, album, concert, festival and club appearances. Over the years, they've also been composing and arranging music, writing lyrics and releasing solo albums. The members of AiA represent the whole gamut of music styles from Värttinä to Taikapeili, and from choral conducting to vocal jazz music. These multi-talents want to bring everything they've learned to the musical table and conceive something completely new. Vocals: Merzi Rajala Kaisa Saarikorpi Hanna-Riikka Siitonen Nina Tapio Riikka Timonen Eeppi Ursin Programming and engineering: Jussi Mikkonen Visa Mäkinen (

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