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Aid biography

1) AID was born on the year 2005 as a result of its members' will to embark on a new project with a style different from what they had done in their respective bands. An aggressive sound, and above all, rage, were sought for. The songwriting and composition is taken care of by all the members; Sergi, Carlos, Uri and Joan. Until now, AID have had the honor of sharing the stage with different and more or less renowned bands (Chixdiggit, Cinder, Shitting Milks, Afghanistan Yeye's). In May 2005, AID entered Monotype Studios ( to record their first demo "Terror Starts at Home", composed by 5 tracks and produced by the legendary Llamas and Ivy. The recording took up to 4 days and you can check out the results here at myspace (and hopefully, soon in the upcoming website). After some months of playing shows and writing new songs the time to record the new stuff had come. So they started to work to enter the studio after summer of 06. But then came the inconvenience: Sergi who was their former guitarrist and lead voice decided to leave AID to dedicate himself entirely to his solo project "FireWalkWithMe". That was a huge kick in the nuts because tons of working hours had just disappeared and now was the moment to start again from the beginning. After months of research, AID finally found in an old friend, Omar, the solution they were looking for to carry on with lead singing. So there was just a piece left: the guitar player. And then appeared René, who was (and is) also involved in side projects as Los Tronchos and Beside Yourself. So thats the story as of today, looking forward to recording their new stuff and regaining everything that has been lost in this last 3 months. Official myspace page: 2) AID is the name of a Danish Metal band based in Hundested.

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