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There are multiple artists with this name. 1) The Finnish Europop band Aikakone used the name Aika several times in their history.Typically Aika has English lyrics and Aikakone Finnish. There are the same four members in both bands: Alex, Vera, Maki and Sani. The music is mainly soft dance music where Alex, Sani and Vera are singing in harmony and Maki plays various instruments. 2) Aika is a solo project hailing from England in the underground of the metal scene, specialising in progressive metal of a darker nature. 3) In the 80's there was a short-lived band named Aika. Aika was a new romantic-band from Pori. They released only two singles; Uni, Rakkautta / Ilman ystävää, Nähdään taas -maxi single and Musta Timantti "7-single which was written by Neumann from Dingo. 4) For the Japanese rock artist Aika see 愛歌. 5) aika, daughter of legendary saxophone player Makoto Hirahara (Columbia Records Japan) and sister of Japanese pop star 平原綾香 , aika (Aika Hirahara) began playing the saxophone while growing up in Tokyo. aikaʼs love for music led her to pursue a Music Degree at Berklee College Of Music in Boston. While at Berklee, aika discovered that singing and songwriting were her true passion and shortly after completing her degree, she released her debut album “Ai-Wo” from EMI records, which reached the top 10 Japanese radio charts, to thunderous reviews.

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