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Ainars Mielavs (born September 10, 1960 in Riga, Latvia) is Latvian singer-songwriter. He co-founded and fronted bands Jauns Mēness (1987 - 1999) and Mielavs un Pārcēlāji. In 1997 he participated in album Par lietām, kuras tā ar nekad nepāriet. The most popular song of the album is a love song Tā. In 2000 came out his debut album Es nāku uz taviem smiekliem. The most popular singles were Atpogā manu kreklu, Labradors and On My Way to the Big Light. The second album Ar dzimtenes sajūtu miegā came out in 2002. Album was also released in Russian with a title "С чувством родины во сне." In 2003 came out his third album Dzīvais porcelāns which did not receive the same popularity as the first two records. In 2005, he with fellow band members from Jauns Mēness created a band Mielavs un Pārcēlāji. In the same year came out their debut album Parunā ar sevi, the next album was released in 2006.

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