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“The One” is the debut album release for both Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and Sugarpop Records, and was produced by power pop/rock maestro Bleu. The main man behind ATC is Dave Munro, who has served in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller. The record was born while Munro was overseas, "Making music, at that time, was merely a way of coping with homesickness and a long distance relationship.” He recorded some demos and sent them home, not realizing that he was accumulating a fan base in Boston already. Not before long, an acoustic demo of "Don't Tell Me What To Do" charmed the pants off Bleu, who quickly signed on as producer for this full-length debut. ATC continues to generate additional buzz through a nod from MTV, a performance at the Boston Garden, and finally signing with Sugarpop Records. “The One” is an impressive debut and, while it has Bleu’s fingerprints all over it, there is clearly a great talent shining through in Dave Munro. Munro has terrific instincts for pop rock and pens lyrics that are earnest and thoughtful. Munro’s voice is vibrant and well-controlled, sounding somewhere between Deathcab for Cutie and The Fray. The record begins with the haunting “Don't Tell Me What To Do”, which creeps up on you with acoustic guitars and quiet vocals, then morphs into a sweeping ballad with dramatic strings. The title track marches straight into your ear with an upbeat melody and catchy “mmm”s for backing vocals – an obvious standout on the record. “You Think You Know” is another perfect pop rock hit waiting to happen, and fans of Jeff Lynne are going to think he’s resurrected the Traveling Wilburys on “Can’t Let Go”. “Rain Song”, a Tom Petty-styled ballad, and “God Had A Plan” are additional highlights to sink your teeth into.

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