Aiste Pilvelyte

Aiste Pilvelyte top 20 songs


Aiste Pilvelyte biography Aistė Pilvelytė is a Lithuanian pop artist that has taken part in several Lithuanian preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her first participation took place in 1999 with a song called “Nubudusi širdis” (Awakening heart). In 2004 her song was called “Amor (te quiero aquí)” and was ranked 11th. In 2005 she competed with a song called “I’ll let you fly” that became 9th, in 2006 with “Just for fun” that made it to the 6th place. In 2007 she became third with a rockish song called ” Emotional crisis”. She got her best result so far in 2008 with “Troy on fire” that became second.

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