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Al Storm's contribution to Hardcore / Rave music is almost impossible to exaggerate, and nobody could call themselves a true fan of the music without being aware of his huge contribution to it through the years. Like all true artists, Al has stuck with the music he loves whilst constantly evolving his sound through the various ages, fashions and fads that come and go. His ability to reinvent, push boundaries and competently produce a huge range of different styles have allowed him to remain a vital part of the movement for over 15 years. Under the guise of DJ Storm, his mid-late 90's productions quickly caught the attention of almost every major label in the genre, and countless seminal remixes dot his early production CV as well as the many original tracks he was also involved with. Since that time he has evolved, survived, shape-shifted, consistently supplying a solid output of good music via his labels (Destructive Force, Warped Science, 24/7 to name but a few) and many others. He has appeared on so many different imprints, on so many compilations, engineered so many notable tracks (and not always credited either) that it's almost impossible to sum up. One thing is true though; whether it's remixing for the Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal or creating an original track, Al's accomplished, experienced, detailed sound continues to put him at the forefront of whatever he's involved in. A global DJ career, with performances everywhere from New Zealand to Glasgow, has included all of the major promoters at one time or another, having featured heavily on line-ups for the likes of HTID, Slammin Vinyl, Fantazia, Raindance, Vibealite, United Dance etc. Al continues to perform here, there and everywhere, and his highly experienced skills never disappoint the dance floor. Very few people in the genre (if any) can match Al Storm in terms of quality output, and it's testament to his skills that he remains an essential part of the Hardcore movement. He continues also to work on many of his other projects under the 'Eat Rave' and 'Black & White' pseudonyms as well as many others, and his on-going involvement with HU (since the second volume in 2007) has finally resulted in him signing to the label in 2013.

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