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Ala biography

There are 2 artists with the name Ala: 1. ala - was formally a seven-member Japanese rock band under the indie label, FREEKOUT RECORDS. They were made up of two vocalists (Yuki Arai & Seiji Sato), bassist (Tsukasa Sato), guitarist (Kentaro Miura), drummer (Teppei Seino), tenor saxophone (Takahiro Kuruma) and alto saxophone (Kana Koguchi). After the release of their mini-album in June 2008, Yuki, one of the bands lead vocalists began suffering from a throat condition and decided to leave the band. Seiji, the second vocalist of the band also left along with his brother and bassist, Tsukasa. Currently, ala consists of five members, and are on their own label, FLAGIOLETTO. They've replaced their former bassist, however a replacement vocalist has yet to be found. 2. Ala - Alicja Boratyn - (born November 27, 1992 in Warsaw, Poland) is a singer most famous as one of the two members of the Polish girl group Blog 27. On October 18, 2006, Alicja announced her departure from Blog 27 and went to develop a solo career. In 27th of October Ala's solo album Higher will be released in Poland, with first single "Angel"

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