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Aleksander Denstad With (born June 30, 1987 in Trondheim, Norway), is a norwegian singer/songwriter. He has released three albums, 'Coming Home' (2006), 'Still Awake' (2010) and 'Alexander With' (2012). He had his breakthrough by winning the 4th season of 'Idol' (Norway) in May 2006. He has often been described as one of the few people associated with this contest to actually have something to offer the world in terms of music. Pre-Idol: WimpyLime was an unsigned project Aleksander and his former girlfriend, Vivian Sørmeland (who came third in Idol (Norway) Season 4) were a part of from the summer of 2004 until Idol in 2006. WimpyLime wrote all of their material as a group and together could play the keyboard, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Aleksander and Vivian were the band's lead vocalists. Only two demos clips have leaked from WimpyLime's recorded catalog, one titled "Southern Skies" and another titled "The Secret". Members: Vivian Sørmeland, Aleksander With, Olav S. Flaa, Arne Fredrik Lånke

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