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Alex Fox is an Argentinean born-guitarist/composer. At age six he began to take piano lessons and soon moved on to classical guitar. Fox later received a scholarship to train with the director of the Teatro Colòn Symphony Orchestra, an opportunity which helped him to ensure the start of his career as a conductor, teacher and composer. He was inspired by a variety of different styles and artists, including the works of Andres Segovia-classical guitar, the Beatles-popular music, Paco de Lucia-flamenco, Gipsy Kings-rumba, Carlos Jobim-Brazilian music. Fox moved to Miami, Florida in 1984 where he quickly earned himself a name in the South Beach area. Fox's first CD, To the Gypsies, was recorded with his own efforts and with limited funds, which was greatly welcomed by a great number of listeners and made him known all over the world. From that time on, Fox was able to maintain his independence and made his productions under his own record label, Coco Musical Inc. Fox has an interesting and easy to listen blended music that derives greatly from classical music, classical rumba and flamenco rhythms and Mediterranean tradition of music. Therefore he has fans from all over the world from different locations such as: France, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, The Bahamas and across the United States. He had significant performances and career highlights in these countries. Alex Fox formed the group "Fox Trio" which include his two sons, Sebastian & David and made the album Fox Trio in 2001. His group continue to perform at concerts, philanthropic and private events around the globe. He now has eight albums and has earned himself a good reputation both as a composer and a guitarist all over the world. Discography : To The Gypsies, 1994 Fly Away, 1995 Malaguena, 1996 C'est la vie, 1997 Personality, 1998 Guitar on Fire, 1999 Fox Trio, 2001 Influences, 2006

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