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Alex M. Vs. Marc Van Damme biography

The Producerteam Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme consist of the Greifswalder Axel Jäger and the Bremer Sebastian Wernke-Schmiesing. The two guys got to know each other a few years ago more or less coincidentally. At this moment each one did his own musical Thing. Nevertheless they recognized that they had many things in common and so they decided to do a project together. Besides this they did some remixes together and produced also different tracks. In Summer 2004 they released their first Single called “Technodisco” on the Mental Madness Label in Germany. Right away this became a huge club-hit in whole Europe! Remixes for Well known acts followed and these days their new Single “Hava Nagila” is finished and should be a new smash! Also in The Future there will be new productions coming and there is chance to see them both live, also! They not only produce music, they are also Djing in the Clubs and Events in and around Germany! So be prepared for ALEX M vs. MARC VAN DAMME!

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