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There are at least six artists called alexis. 1) alexis German-Danish artist. The music can be describet as IDM, Downbeat or Chillout with Breakbeat-elements - sometimes it makes you happy sometimes very sad. It can you make feeling in love or it could also make you feel stupid. For more informations about and free downloads from this german guy, please visit the official myspace-Site 2) Alexis, Chanson-Singer 3) Alexis, aka Elena Ferretti Eurobeat singer. Aliases: Alexis, Helena, Jilly, Karina, Rose, Sophie, Victoria 4) Alexis "Rose" Radlin, Canadian singer/songwriter who recorded a self-titled album in 1975 for Mushroom Records, which was nominated for a Juno. 5) Alexis, an American band that released a self-titled album in 1977. Band members: Eddie Ulibarri - vocals, piano, celeste, synths Robbie Fallberg - guitars Dave Peters - sax, synths Dick Walker - piano, synths, vocals Larry Braden - bass Randy Reeder - drums 6) A synthpop duo from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Consisting of Matthew Forbush and Dan Hurst.

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