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There are several musicians with a name "Alfa" 1. Alfa - a New York-based folk/pop/acoustic singer/songwriter and musician. 2. Alfa - a trance artist. 3. AlFa - a post-rock duo from Strasbourg, France. 4. ALFA - a dreamwave/synth producer and artist, part of the Binary Collective from Los Angeles, California. 5. Alfa - a screamo band. 1. Alfa was born to a family that more than dabbled a bit in music. Some say she was born on a tree in the jungles of Mindanao, but those privvy to her life pre-cross-Pacific days know full well she was born in a tiny white hospital, and that she first learned piano from a strict Madame who would not let her exercise self-made renditions of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” during lessons. Her mother played the piano and the organ, her grandfather played the guitar by ear, her grandmother taught piano, and her aunts played the clarinet and the flute (they would soon become church organists, each married to pastors). Annoyed at what she saw as the norm, Alfa swore she would never become a musician. In fact, she first wanted to become a dentist. Now 21, Alfa has relented to her musical fate. A singer/songstress since the age of 13, having cut her first demo at 15 and now a seasoned performer all over the venues of Manhattan (CBGBs, The Cutting Room, Arlene’s Grocery, Sidewalk Café, Rockwood Music Hall, Union Square, to name a few) Alfa has been around the figurative musical block with her start as a classical pianist under Dr. Raul Sunico, then a violinist in various orchestras including the Children’s Orchestra Society of H.T. Ma (Yo-Yo Ma’s pops), before finding her niche as a songwriter using a blend of her classical and church background and self-taught guitar and piano skillz (with a Z, heck yeah). At 17, she performed her song, "I Believe" with a full symphony orchestra at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and Lefrak Hall in Queens College under the direction of Michael Dadap. In addition to her extensive repertoire of ballads, laments, and pseudo-rock melodies, she has written music for plays, films and dabbled in acapella arrangements and performances with her childhood musician friends. Alfa is inspired by everything: from first loves and intriguing faces, to the idiosyncracies of the number Pi. She is super thankful for the music and musicians that have perpetually surrounded her life, in spite of her initial disdain toward the sacred art. She will graduate Magna Cum Laude from NYU in May 2007 (finalement!). Alfa loves maps, New York City, ballet flats and Vera Wang perfume. She has a four-song EP entitled "Growth" (currently available on iTunes), which she worked on with Dan Coutant at The Buddy Project (Sufjan Stevens, Asthmatic Kitty). Currently, she is working on a full length album with producer Alex Houton (who also produced Charlotte Sometimes), which will be full of new songs that will showcase her diverse tastes and talents in music.

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