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There are two bands called ALIENTATION: 1) A hardcore punk band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 2) ALIENATION has reached a level of professionalism & intensity that puts the band ahead of the San Antonio metal harvest. Texas Beat Magazine Theyre a band that will sooner or later get your attention Juan Hererra , Fractured Magazine Sonically Killing Technique is excellent! Jim Beal , Express News. Hailing from San Antonio, TX. , ALIENATION has spent the past several years bludgeoning audiences with their groove-anchored sonic boom. Having influences ranging from Sepultura, Entombed, to vintage Kiss, ALIENATION has risen to the top of the South Texas metal heap and left its mark across the Lone Star State. With their C.D. entitled Killing Technique, and a resume that includes opening slots with: Ratt L.A.Guns D.R.I. Dead Horse Souls at Zero Prong Overkill Contraband W.A.S.P Yngwie Malmsteen Corrosion of Conformity Suicidal Tendencies Infectious Grooves Deicide Six Feet Under Machine Head Napalm Death Fear Factory ... and many others, ALIENATION is poised to take its brand of music to the masses. Formed in 1990 by Lewis,Schwab, Doebbler and Tobias, ALIENATION began gaining widespread local recognition by winning San Antonios Z-Rock sponsored Battle of the Bands in 1991. Now with a growing fan base and momentum on their side, the members of ALIENATION released their first studio recording called" Inner Healing". This quickly found its way into the hands of loyalists and kept the buzz alive. "Inner Healing" was followed by a 4 song demo entitled simply "ALIENATION '92" and a third release in 1993 called "A Feeling So Unknown" which reflected the bands growth musically and professionally. ALIENATION capped off 1993 with another resounding victory at San Antonios Battle of the Bands this time sponsored by local radio station 99.5 Kiss. Local and regional publications also picked up on the bands growing popularity. Readers poll awards came pouring in as often as offers for live performances. Among the notable awards: 1992 & 1994s BEST HARDCORE/THRASH BAND-S.A. News. 1996 BEST METAL BAND S.A. Current. "Killing Technique" voted BEST METAL ALBUM-KSYM90.1 WINNER-BATTLE OF THE BANDS 1991,1993,1997 Mentions in Billboard, Texas Beat and a slot on the Hard Rock Cafés 25th anniversary bash were also milestones. Regular local and regional concert appearances and contributions to compilation discs: Reclaim Whats Ours, S.A. Invasion & Staring at the Sun, have kept the growing numbers of fans satisfied. ALIENATION s endeavor "Killing Technique" is unquestionably setting new standards in the South Texas metal scene. With experience and aggression on their side, ALIENATION is determined to conquer ALL in their way! Read more:

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