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Terry Snyder Born 1916 - Died March 17 1963, New York City, New York One of the leading percussionists of the Space Age Pop Music era, Terry Snyder worked with Bert Block's studio groups, the Bert Block Orchestra, a standard big band, and the Bell Music Orchestra, which anticipated the Space Age Pop Music era with its arrangements for celesta, bells, and drums. He became a featured player on New York City radio station WNEW in 1940. Snyder was Perry Como's favorite drummer, and he worked with Como on recordings, radio, and television from the late 1940s until his death. He sat in with a variety of groups through the early 1950s, from classical schmaltz pianist Shura to Stan Freeman's harpsichord album to light jazz combos led by Bill Clifton. He worked with Enoch Light and Lew Davies on the first four "Persuasive Percussion" LPs on Command, then was hired away by United Artists to debut their competing "Wall-to-Wall Sound" series of Gatefold LPs.

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