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All The Cold plays instrumental progressive rock&metal since spring 2012. All The Cold was formed in August 2007 in the town of Murmansk. At that moment it consisted of Winter (Frozen, Dead) and Nordsjel (Dead). In a few years there was published a few demos, splits and one compilation in style of depressive / atmospheric / ambient black metal. All early stuff of All The Cold was recorded at the home studio “Nurman records” in 2007-2009. In 2007, the limited edition of 30 copies comes out the demo «Dark Sorrows of My Microcosm» on Contempt Productions. August 19, 2008 on Dernier Bastion Productions was released the demo «Through the Dead World». In November and December of the same year came out some splits: «Possessed by Madness» (with Mordheim), «Zapolyarie» (with Zebulon Kosted) and «Deep Cold» (with Deep-pression). In January 2009, Self Mutilation Services released a split with Fornicatus, Black Hate and Happy Days - called «Children of Failure». On the same label was released a split with bands Dernier Martyr and Lifeless Sorrow called «The Plague of Our Lands» limited by 500 copies. 24 April 2009 Kunsthauch label released a compilation «One Year Of Cold». This is a collection of tracks recorded by artists throughout the year on different occasions and implemented at different splits: they differ from each other by mood and tone. Also in 2009, Silent Rhombus comes to All The Cold, and musicians start to experimenting with electronic music and post-metal. In summer 2010, Winter leaves the band. In the same period, Violet Sun (ex Nordsjel) with Silent Rhombus announced the recording of a new EP "The Greatest Light", which never saw the light in consequence of some reasons. After some time, All The Cold falls into a state of anabiosis and creative uncertainty. The official page on myspace was thrown. In January 2011, on Self Mutilation Services comes out split with Deep-pression «Deep Cold 2", released a limited edition of 200 copies. On this split are tracks recorded in 2009. In 2012, created new official account on facebook and myspace. This autumn members of the project announce EP entitled "Heritage"

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