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Allerseelen biography

Allerseelen is a Experimental, Post-Industrial, Industrial folklore, Apocalyptic / Military pop band from Hallstatt, Austria lead by Gerhard Hallstatt who has been active and innovative in the industrial and apocalyptic folk genre for many years. The first releases were on cassette in 1987. Their CDs and 7" editions have been issued on Aorta and their double-LP editions on Ahnstern. The most recent releases of Allerseelen were the CD Hallstatt, the double-LPs Gotos=Kalanda and Cruor as well as the Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum split CD Barco do Vinho (Ahnstern) and the Allerseelen / Changes split CD Men among the Ruins (Ewers Tonkunst). Allerseelen is a unique combination of industrial and folkloristic elements, and "Industrial Folklore" might be an appropriate expression to embrace these seemingly contradictory qualities. Allerseelen have performed in many European countries as well as in North America and Russia. On stage, the songs quite often manifest very differently from the studio versions. The dynamic stage presence of the martial drummer Dimo of Svarrogh, the dynamic bass player Marcel of Werra, and the front man Gerhard all contribute toward a unique mood of "Apocalyptic Krautfolk" for these live performances. The German name "Allerseelen" is translated into English as All Souls' Day. The music is inspired by nature and has a strong philosophical/alchemical context inspired by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Jünger, Carl Jung and Julius Evola.

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