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Jean-Claude Thompson and Mark Harbottle met each other in 1990. But it wasn't until 1995 that they bought a Roland W30, that their musical alignment was cemented, and they started working together under the name The Amalgamation Of Soundz (TAOS). Since then they have rightfully earned their place amongst the most respected producers in the London underground scene, and they have deejayed all over the planet. They may be mostly known for their residency in London superclub, Fabric, but these boys have rocked the best underground clubs from Los Angeles to Thailand and they are regular guests in Portugal, Prague, Greece and Turkey, including taking Glastonbury 2005 by storm with their headling set on Saturday night in the Dance village. They have released plenty 12" on several labels including Compost, Filter, Airtight, Ubiquity, Moving Shadow, and Earth Project. They had also made quite an impression with their first two albums entitled The Amalgamation Of Soundz Part I and Part II, consisting of ambient sounds floating above soft drum & bass patterns and hypnotic orchestrations a downtempo nirvana. Their compilations A Room with a View and the follow-up A room with a View too for X-treme Records, were the means of propagating their musical tastes across Europe. Both instalments are an exceptional mix of modern Leftfield tracks blended with some rare jazz classics, and reflect their diversity. The first moment of wide acclaim from press and DJs came with Enchant me (1999) which was included in numerous compilations, including Café Del Mar 20th Anniversary compilation and received a classic status since. Another crossover moment was the Compost release Alone (2001), a track that can easily please many people's tastes - uplifting beats, subtle harmony, melodic Spanish guitar, and captivating vocals. It was included in Jon Sa Trinchas, Ibiza classic compilation, Salinas Sessions, and recently in the classy compilation Everyday a Story by Klik records. Their latest compilation, Fabric ..12, inspired by their DJ sets in Fabric, is a living proof of the unique, uncompromising, TAOS philosophy in music: Music should be free from rules and boundaries. HMV describes the TAOS Fabric sets as voyages of discovery with four hands on decks that explore the ocean of generic nametags and expand the notion of nightclub soundtracks.

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