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Washington D.C. psychobilly rockabilly punk rock band. Throughout the past centuries, contemporary music has spun through a chaotic tsunami of sounds, beats, rhythms, and riffs. Spawned from an onslaught of influences conceived though time, the Alphabet Bombers are now at your service to provide untainted meshes of psychobilly, surf, garage, and good ol? rock n? roll. It all began when a young guitarist and an ambitious upright bass player joined together in holy rock-trimony to become a song writing team. After months of losing patience with fly-by-night drummers who lacked dedication and true interest in their dream, a well-shaven chap named Hollywood joined the boys for the ride of their life. He took a strong liking to the rock style the two Maryland natives had to offer. After polishing a handsome set of instrumental rockabilly that one could say was reminiscent to the sounds of the legendary Link Wray, they set out to perform throughout the bowels of the DC/Baltimore kingdom. Months past as Alex wrote new piercing guitar licks that complemented the steadily improving slaps and rumbles of Curt?s upright bass. The rock was electrifying, yet the boys felt a hollow void in their hearts and they knew something was missing. The Alphabet Bombers found themselves at a loss of words, vocals to be more specific. This is the part of our tale where we learn of the Vegan Demon. Introducing a new spectrum of musical opportunities, the Demon brought raging harmonics and shocking stage presence to the trio morphing the Bombers into a spine-tingling quartet of unstoppable psycho -semantic energy. Playing with acts such as Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the machine, Murphy?s Law, Kings of Nuthin?, the Amazing Crowns, Mad Sin, and 12 Step Rebels, the Alphabet Bombers have proven to many audiences to be a unique and memorable musical experience. Their debut CD release entitled Wreckless is available on Spindrift Records.

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