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Alt biography

1) Alt from Turkey 2) ALT from mostly Ireland 3) ALT from Japan 1) Alt is an alternative rock band founded 2000 in Istanbul, Turkey. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Orkun Tuzel, guitarist Okan Sargin, bassist Kadir Keskin and drummer Sertan Sogukpinar. Alt currently have two releases: Ac Kanatlarini, a demo from 2002, and Ikinci Donem, a web-only release from 2005. Official homepage 2) ALT is also the name of a mostly Irish (Tim is from New Zealand) supergroup composed of Andy White (a solo artist), Liam O'Maonlai (of Hothouse Flowers) and Tim Finn (of Split Enz, Crowded House for one album and The Finn Brothers). They released 2 albums - "Altitude" and a live album simply called "Bootleg". ALT tracks also appear on Tim Finn's "Before and After" (Many's The Time) and some releases of Andy White's "Rare" (Blue You). A re-recording of "What You've Done" was also released on Tim Finn's "Feeding The Gods" - and even became and EP. 3) ALT was formed 2005 in Tokyo. They play post-rock electronica with two vocalists, MC3 people, piano, bass, guitar, laptop and video, the band rather call themself a "creative collective" than a band.

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