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i was born in north london islington to a trindadian father with a unfortunate drink problem and west indian temper (r.i.p) and a italian religious fanatic mother i spent my childhood what of it in hackney left home at 16 got into a lot of trouble as you do runnin wild. threw myself in the deep end and just made it out in time, before i probably got killed. my whole life till 21 i was a artist and that was my source of creativity i was a backdrop painter/flyer artist till a friend back then had a massive anthem and i would witness thousands of people flippin out over this track. all i was doing was providing visuals to this music. i wanted to make music from that point on. im not really influenced by music, im more influenced by life, love, whatever i feel at the time. i cant always help what genre boundaries it may fall under. im influenced by experiences that inspire me, good and bad. im a music lover and maker. hope this helps if you really need to know this? the name ALTERED NATIVES comes from my mixed blood born on british soil. i am a dad of 3 beautiful kids. (to the same mother) no north, west, milton keynes here. lol! i have the fiery italian temper plus the trini temper and hereditary grudge and vendetta syndrome. i love laughing as opposed to pulling your arms off and beating you with them. i love making tracks, its my crackrocks. i get really irritable if i dont cook up beats after 2 days, its production cold turkey. i really appreciate the appreciation you give for what i do, it does help, i value your value of my efforts, so thank you. i love bass, too much probably;) i currently produce a few genres, so far with some results. i wish i could train for K1 or cage rage and have a real fight, but my missus won't let me. i cant regret taking certain paths in my life, as i do wonder if i would be here and now. ermm thats all i can think of to write AT 3am p's dannyNATIVE

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