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Composer Alvin Curran (born 13 December 1938 in Providence, Rhode Island) is the co-founder, with Frederic Rzewski and Richard Teitelbaum, of Musica Elettronica Viva, and a former student of Elliott Carter. Curran's music often makes use of electronics and environmental found sounds. Discography * Electric Rags II (1989) New Albion Records, with Rova Saxophone Quartet. * Songs and Views of the Magnetic Garden (1975/1993) Catalyst Records, performed, synthesized, recorded and mixed by Alvin Curran. * Schtyx (1994) CRI. Performed by the Abel Steinberg Winant Trio. VSTO (string quartet) performed by David Abel, first violin, Sharon Wood, second violin, Meg Tichener viola, and Dina Weinschelbaum, cello. * Animal Behaviour (1995) Tzadik. * Theme Park (1998) Tzadik. * Lost Marbles (2004) Tzadik. * "Toto Angelica" (2005) I Dischi di Angelica. * "Inner Cities" (2005), played by Daan Vandewalle, piano, Long Distance Records * "Maritime Rites," ten environmental concerts produced for National Public Radio. 1984, reissue 2004, New World Records

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