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Always biography

There are aleast 2 artists with this name: 1/ Always was the first alias of Kevin Wright who has subsequently recorded under the name Mr Wright. The album Thames Valley Leather Club was released on the 80s cult label èl Records. It is a typical product of the label - authorly and faintly twee, but also with a humorous and sexual undercurrent. 2/ Always is Alex Vivian one Australian guy with a sampler and a delay pedal. (?). He creates intricate, often improvised, layered voice compositions. That touch on topics such as Homosexuality, Twinks, Death & Acid, ecstacy & decay. He is signed to various labels such as Circle Jerk and his last album was called F.I.S.T - Freedom In Shit Together. Always now spends his time collaborating in bands, GUGG and ambient black metal project: GAUNTLET

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