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(1) William “Duce” Branch a.k.a. “The Ambassador” is Christian hip-hop artist who has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the group The Cross Movement. He is also one of the teaching pastors at Epiphany Fellowship, a church plant in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Branch is also former president of Cross Movement Ministries. According to his web site, Branch has been ministering Christian gospel since 1991. He states that his desire is "to be a model and a messenger of the gospel’s transforming power especially (but not exclusively) among the hip-hop generations." Branch received a bachelor's degree in Bible from Lancaster Bible College and has a master's degree in theology from the Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). His master’s thesis, "Theological Implications of Hip-Hop Culture", provided the inspiration for his solo album, The Thesis. (2) AMBASSADOR was formed in 2000 by ken taylor. Ken spent the 1990's working at various positions in the music business, helping groups such as radiohead, marilyn manson, and dozens of others,get exposed. Ken was instrumental in helping leean rhimes get her first record contract. in 1999, ken moved to portland oregon to form AMBASSADOR, enlisting daniel martin austin during the recording of the first full length release, entitled 'Arrival'. The follow up, "London paris new york' was released in 2007. For more information and tracks from this artist go to CDBABY.COM. just a note, this is the official band called AMBASSADOR, anyone else using this name is in direct violation of copyright and trademark laws. (3) AMbassador is an alias of Mischa van der Heiden (also known as DJ Misjah), most notably known for the trance hits "One of These Days", "The Fade" and his remix of Blaze's "My Beat". (4) Ambassador is a math rock/indie rock band from Grand Rapids, MI.

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