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Ambassador21 (aka Ambassador 21), is a Minsk, Belarus duo of Alexey Protasov (aka DJ Jesus Christ) and Natasha Protasov. They have played industrial music, with strong hardcore and electro punk influences, since 2001. The duo toured a lot during last 4 years and perfomed at many events all over Europe (as headline act, as well): festivals like Maschinenfest'05 (A21), Maschinenfest'06 (with their side-project SUICIDE INSIDE and Maschinenfest'08 (with their side-project SUICIDE INSIDE), Elektroanschlag (Altenburg), Resistance Festival (Bratislava and London), Sick & Twisted (London), Sickfest (Moscow), Dark Easter (Utrecht) and many gigs in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Russia and Belarus. AMBASSADOR21 founded their own record label Invasion Wreck Chords in the end of 2001. During A21 existence they released many full-length records, as lots of contributions on Ant-Zen, Hands, Pflichtkauf, D-Trash, Restroom, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, Beton Kopf Media, etc. In the beginning of 2007, in celebration AMBASSADOR21 5th Anniversary, Invasion Wreck Chords released album "Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun", included remixes by WUMPSCUT, MONOLITH, ASCHE, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, THIS MORN OMINA, P.A.L, AH CAMA-SOTZ, MIMETIC and others. Also in June 2007 the band released "Cut&Go", a collection of remixes by A21 for SYNAPSCAPE, FOETUS, SONAR, :WUMPSCUT:, KIEW, SNOG and more. In March-April A21 played 5th Anniversary Tour with shows in Moscow, Minsk, Paris, Tours, Leipzig, Utrecht and other cities in Europe, Russia and Belarus. Brand new full-length album "FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$" coming soon on Invasion Wreck Chords and includes remixes by SYNAPSCAPE, IMMINENT and S.I.N.A., as well. "FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$" US-edition will be released by Vendetta Music. Industrial/noise band from Belarus Название проекта, как это не парадоксально, оказалось знаковым в судьбе минских музыкантов. Ambassador21 и в самом деле стали первыми белорусскими электро-индустриальными послами в Старом Свете. В результате, на сегодняшний день в арсенале группы опыт работы с такими матерыми волками сцены, как AH CAMA-SOTZ, ASCHE, AXIOME, BONG-RA, CDATAKILL, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, CONVERTER, END, FANNY, HYPNOSKULL, ISZOLOSCOPE, MIMETIC, MONOLITH, MOTHBOY, P.A.L, PROYECTO MIRAGE, ROGER ROTOR, SCHIZOID, S.K.E.T., SNOG, SONAR, SYNAPSCAPE, TARMVRED, THIS MORN OMINA, :WUMPSCUT: и многими другими. Команда достигла небывалой популярности у западной индустриальной аудитории, - постоянно растущее количество поклонников обусловлено выступлениями на концертных площадках Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag, Noxious Art Festival, Resistance Festival, Slimelight, Metropolis, Breakcore Gives Me Wood и т.д. Ambrassador 21, впитав в себя революционный дух DHR в целом и Atari Teenage Riot в частности, играют забористый и драйвовый трэш-панк-хардкор с пост-советским колоритом, приправленый индустриальным перчиком.

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