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Amk biography

There are multiple artists using the name AMK. 1.) AMK, or Adam Met Karl, was a Hong Kong based independent band from 1989-1996. Adam and Karl in the band's name represent Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Their songs featured upbeat melodies and fast rhythms, with lyrics inspired from political issues and ordinary city life in Hong Kong often presented in a humorous and satirical way. In 2006, a compilation album, In the name of AMK, was released by Harbour Records as a tribute to the band. Their songs were performed by various independent acts such as False Alarm, Fruitpunch and 22 Cats. One of their most notable achievements was their theme song for a television programme, "One Person, Two Roles" (一人分飾兩角), which was recorded by Faye Wong in 1995 on an EP with the same title. 2.) Anthony Michael King is an American experimental musician (b. 1964, California, USA) who has been active since the early 80s and created his own label, Banned Production.

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