Andrew Grant

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Andrew Grant biography Hailing from the Washington DC area in USA, Andrew's DJ history dates back to 1988 when he was spinning hip-hop at house parties and school dances. But, his musical tastes soon turned to electronic after his first trip to NYC's Twilo in the mid 90's where shortly after, he found himself playing a broad scale of music. Andrew's first visit to Europe was in 2000 playing in Dublin on New Years and then in Paris. He stayed in Europe and in 2001, purchased a one-way ticket from Sheffield, England (where he threw parties 10 weeks previous) to Ibiza. He travelled to Ibiza for a deeper look into the scene with a passion to play top venues. Upon being discovered, he was invited to play Thursday morning after-hours at DC10. After just two sets he was invited to play a main 3-5 hour slot on Monday's after Cirillo, his mentor. So at just 25 years old, Andrew Grant was adopted by DC10, one of the most recognised and well respected parties in the world.

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