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Andy Hui Chi-On (Traditional Chinese: 許志安, born August 12, 1967 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong popstar and a movie actor who first appeared as a runner-up in the 5th Annual New Talent Singing Awards in 1986. He has since appeared in about 25 films, and currently, his popularity is fluctuating with the moderate success of both his onscreen performances and his musical career. Andy Hui is best known for his (often) style of romance like a prince. He is one of the most successful Chinese music celebrities, with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. His first music contract came in 1996, and his singing career reached stellar status in 2001 as he won awards of the most favourite male singer. He did not disclose much about his romantic life, which arguably played a role in the significant amount of press attention he got within the context of his private life (which sometimes even overshadowed the attention he received for his musical career). The tabloids and the public always had a hunch he had a romantic relationship with fellow superstar Sammi Cheng. However, in a slightly more inambiguous statement in 2004, he has stated that they have broken up. Veteran singer Alan Tam has named him as one of the 'New Four Heavenly Kings' along with Hacken Lee, Leo Ku and Edmond Leung which would be replacing the title awarded to Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai. His mentor, Anita Mui has worked hard to impart her impressive singing ability on him and would not have painstakingly done so had he not have the conviction and talent to succeed. He was credited for being a hardworking artist. In October 2005, he was declared one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons. His hardwork on his music and film career, and his excel in commitment to the community was recognised.

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