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Andy Lau Tak-wah (Traditional Chinese: 劉德華, Simplified Chinese: 刘德华, pinyin: Liú Déhuá; Cantonese: Lau4 Dak1waa4) (born September 27, 1961 in Hong Kong as 劉福榮 Lau4 Fuk1wing4) is a Hong Kong pop star and a movie actor. He has since appeared in more than 100 films, and has a huge fan base throughout Asia with the success of both his onscreen performance and his musical career. He is also one of the most successful Chinese music celebrities, with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. His first music contract came in 1985, but his singing career reached stellar status in 1990 with the release of the album entitled 可不可以 "Would It Be Possible?", and his subsequent releases only solidified his status as a highly marketable singer. Andy Lau along with 張學友, 郭富城 and 黎明 also named as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王 Cantonese: sei3 daai6 tin1 wong4, Pinyin: sì dà tiān wáng). Andy Lau also entered into Guinness World Records for "Most Awards Won By A Canto-Pop Male Artist". By April 2000, Andy Lau had won an unprecedented 292 awards, for a singing career that began in 1988. Since 1992, Lau has appeared in concert 179 times. The most notable hits by Andy Lau include 一起走過的日子 (The Days We Passed Together), 愛不完 (Neverending Love), 潮水 (The Tide), 忘情水 (Forget Love Potion), 中國人 (Chinese People), 笨小孩 (Stupid Child), 愛你一萬年 (Love You Forever (lit. Love You For 10,000 Years)), 你是我的女人 (You Are My Woman), 暗裡著迷. As well as being a versatile singer, Andy Lau also writes lyrics and composes music for many of his songs. Discography: 1985 只知道此刻愛你 Cantonese Album 1987 情感的禁區 Cantonese Album 1988 回到你身邊 Back for You Cantonese Album 1989 劉德華 Andy Lau Cantonese Album 1989 在夢裡 - 愛的連線 Cantonese Album 1990 可不可以 - 誰說不可以 Cantonese Album 1990 如果妳是我的傳說 If You Are My Legend Mandarin Album 1990 再會了 Cantonese Album 1991 愛不完 Neverending Love Cantonese Album 1991 我和我追逐的夢 Mandarin Album 1991 一起走過的日子 The Days We Passed Together Cantonese Album 1991 不可不信……緣 Cantonese Album 1991 來生緣 Mandarin Album 1992 愛的空間 Cantonese Album 1992 謝謝你的愛 Thank You For Your Love Mandarin Album 1992 真我的風采 Cantonese Album 1993 答案就是你 The Answer is You Cantonese Album 1993 寧願我傷心 - 一生一次 Mandarin Album 1993 愛意 Cantonese Album 1994 忘情水 Forget Love Potion Mandarin Album 1994 五時三十分 5:30 Cantonese Album 1994 天意 Fate Mandarin Album 1995 真永遠 Always Andy Mandarin Album 1995 情未鳥 Cantonese Album 1996 相思成災 Mandarin Album 1996 在乎你 Caring About You Cantonese Album 1996 反轉紅館倒轉地球 劉德華演唱會 96 Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album 1996 因為愛 Because of Love Mandarin Album 1997 愛如此神奇 Love is Mysterious Mandarin / Cantonese Album 1997 真生命 Real Life Cantonese Album 1997 愛在刻骨銘心時 Mandarin Album 1998 你是我的女人 You Are My Woman Cantonese Album 1998 笨小孩 Stupid Child Mandarin / Cantonese Compilation 1999 回家真好 Good To Be Back Home Cantonese / Mandarin Compilation 1999 人間愛 Love in the World Mandarin Album 1999 Andy Lau in Concert 99 Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album 1999 愛無知 Love is Innocent Cantonese Album 2000 Just For You Just For You Cantonese / Mandarin EP 2000 男人的愛 Men's Love Mandarin Album 2000 心藍 Heart's Blue Cantonese Album 2001 The Melody Andy Vol. 8 Cantonese / Mandarin Compilation 2001 天開了 Daybreak Mandarin Album 2001 夏日 Fiesta Cantonese / Mandarin EP 2001 Andy Lau in Concert 2001 Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album 2002 美麗的一天 A Better Day Mandarin Album 2002 你是我的驕傲演唱會 Proud of You Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album 2003 如果有一天 If One Day Cantonese Album 2004 Coffee or Tea Coffee or Tea Cantonese Album 2004 Andy Lau Vision Tour 2004 Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album 2005 再說一次‧我愛你 All About Love Mandarin Album 2005 繼續談情 Best of My Love Cantonese / Mandarin Compilation 2006 聲音 Voice Cantonese Album

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