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Angela Zhang (Simplified: 张韶涵 , Pinyin: Zhāng Shàohán , English: Angela Chang) is a Taiwanese pop singer. Her family immigrated to Canada when Angela was 12. She loved to sing when she was little, however her aunt told her she sounded terrible and from then on she refused to sing. It was only in Canada where her friends took up the activity of karaoke-ing whenever the chance occurred, did she realize the talent she had. She began attending many singing contests. At a Chinese-Canadian singing contest “BCC Star”, Angela won first place by singing 張雨生’s popular song “The Day without Cigar (没有烟抽的日子)”. She was subsequently offered the chance to go to Taiwan for the final, which she did not attend due to school commitments. After she graduated from high school (Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School), Angela started her career in 2000. While waiting to record her album, her producers told her to go audition for the TV series “Tian Yuxi”. Disliking acting, but not wanting to disobey her producers she decided she would go - looking her worst so she wouldn’t stand a chance. A few days later, her producers received a call to say that she had landed the role. Her unexpected acting career took off and she eventually released her first album which was well received due to her popularity of the dramas she acted in. She has been producing hit singles ever since.

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