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Anja started singing in a studio when she was 5 years old. Growing up in a musical family she used to sing old hymns and Gospel songs with her Mom and sisters. Being a teenager, she and some friends started a band called "All for the One" that was pretty well known in the area around Loerrach where they lived. After playing many concerts with them for seven years and gaining more experience with One Accord, a Christian music outreach program, Anja started her own solo project. The music department of Janz Team Ministries, that she basically grew up with, offered her a contract for her first solo record, which was released in July 1997. Since then Anja has sung at several events, churches, conferences, did concerts and lead seminars in Germany, Switzerland, South America and the United States, as well as singing on over 80 records, mainly R&B, gospel or worship music. Anja graduated from teacher's college in 1999 and has since worked as a full time singer/ vocal coach. Her goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see lives changed through music that worships God. Since 2001 Anja is involved in an internship program at her church working as a worship leader, vocal coach and choir director. Also she found her way into vocal producing and arranging for several records. Meanwhile there had been two more albums released: "Gnade" (Grace), brought out in July 2001, a collection of worship songs she had been recording over the last few years, and her latest Album "Still Believe In You", out since October 2002 that she wrote most of the songs for.

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