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Antares can refer to any of the following (see expanded texts below): 1) An Italian eurodance act. 2) A death/metalcore band from Iceland. 3) A UK tech-metal/grindcore band. 4) A Dutch progressive rock band. 5) A Belgian goa trance artist. 6) An Italian speed punk band. 7, A melodic death metal band from Martin, Slovakia. 1) Antares is an Italian eurodance act produced by Giacomo Maiolini, D. Abaribi, G. Piano, and R. Arduini. It featured Asher Senator and Clara Moroni. Antares released the singles "Ride On A Meteorite", "You Belong To Me" and "Let Me Be Your Fantasy". 2) Antares is an Melodic death/metalcore band from Höfn Iceland. They have one ep which is called "I hope they serve beer in hell". Antares has been working since 2008 and have no plan on stoppin'. "Git ur dun!" 3) Antares is also a UK tech-metal/Grindcore band featuring the ex-guitarist of Chronicles of Adam West, and Calvin - the only guitarist to ever fill-in for Rolo Tomassi. 4 track mini-CD released via Holy Roar Records. 4) Antares was a Dutch progressive rock band with one release; Choking the stone. In the year 2000, Januari 15th to be precise, five Dutch musicians from the province Groningen got together to play as a spin off of ‘The Frigus Project’. Not agreed upon a musical direction, it soon came clear that it would be a blend of symphonic rock, progressive metal and sing/songwriter style. Antares is not based on any band, but comparisons can be made with bands like Arena, Jethro Tull, Marillion, IQ, Camel, Spocks Beard, Yes, Dream Theater, Toto & Van der Graaf Generator. After half a year six songs were ready to be recorded. The recording sessions took place at Square Wave studio Groningen in the summer of 2000. The mixing process took place in the spring of 2001. These sessions resulted in the album ‘Choking The Stone’ which has been released in July 2001. After the many praising reviews of the album and a number of gigs, Antares performed at ProgPower Europe (2002) in Baarlo, The Netherlands. Here the band performed with numerious other great bands such as Threshold and After Forever. In 2005 Antares disbanded. Current band for Sander Zoer: Delain Current band for Han Uil: Seven Day Hunt 5) Antares is a performance name for goa trance artist Simon Felix from Belgium. He recently released the album Exodus. 7, Antares from Slovakia released four albums and two demos since 1994. They play melodic death metal.

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