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Anthony Santos started around 1989 as a guitar player for many other artists around that era. After playing for Luis Vargas he decided to go solo with his unique sound. He refined the sound of his guitar and modified the language to a more romantic tone to conquer a different audience, then all his previous friends. Doing so he took Bachata to a different level, than it was. Taking it from just playing in cabarets and the North West part of the Island to the rest of the country and then internationally. After more twenty years in the music, Anthony still is the best paid and recognized Bachatero. Anthony Santos is very humble and simple. He has influence many other people in his native Dominican Republic as well as Internationally; One good example, is Romeo from Aventura. Anthony still remain one of the most hard working people in the industry. He has helped his hometown and his country to the extreme; by buying businesses and creating jobs outside his field. Anthony Santos has become a role model to millions of people, especially his followers.

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