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Antipati biography

Antipati started as a project in the winter of 2005/2006 by Robert (guitar & vocals) and Radar (Guitar & Vocals) who back then recently came from Contemptuous. We soon got Pelle from The Contract to join in on bass, and took in Johan of zombiecore youngsters Headed For Disaster and Karl XII & The Karolines on drums. Then we started to make plans for the future. No longer is Antipati only a project, but a promising punk band with both brains, attitude and muscles. We are giging as much as we can, and have big plans for forthcoming releases. Being a band of punks and skinheads, the music is oi! influenced punk music with a poppy touch. Vill du köpa skivan i Sverige? . The album is sold by Bandworm, Dim Records and Adler-Versand among others.

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