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Apati biography

Apati was a depressive black metal / depressive rock band formed in Västerås, Sweden in the fall of 2007 by C9H13N and Obehag. In February of 2008 Professor X (called Mr. X. back then) joined the band. Patient C joined later the same year. Their first album, "Eufori", was released in June 2009 on Total Holocaust Records. Professor X got kicked out from the band in November 2008, although he contributed a bit on "Eufori" (vocals on the song "Allt jag aldrig haft"). Their second album, "Morgondagen inställd i brist på intresse", was released in May 2010, again on Total Holocaust Records. Patient C left Apati after joining the band Shining, and Professor X came back, but this time with the name X. Obehag left Apati July 2, 2011, and died three weeks later from an overdose. The remaining two members (C9H13N and X) decided to disband Apati.

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