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Apel'sin biography

Apelsin is an Estonian pop band created in 1974 by Tõnu Aare. Their lyrics are in both Estonian and Russian languages. During the Soviet era their LP's were issued by the Soviet music monopoly Melodiya. The Russian name of the band was Апельсин. In both Estonian and Russian, the band's name means orange (fruit). Many songs and much of the music of the band are satirical. The original lineup consisted of Tõnu Aare, Ants Nuut, Harry Kõrvits and Jaan Arder. In 1975, Gunnar Kriik, Ivo Linna and Mati Nuude joined. During 1989-1999 the band was at its smallest, and three of the founding members, Tõnu, Ants, and Jaan, rarely played together. Jaan had joined the historical music band Hortus Musicus and Ivo and Harry had joined the rock band Rock Hotel. In 1999 Apelsin made a fresh start. Lineup (as of 2006): Tõnu Aare – vocal, acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica, bouzouki Jaan Arder – vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, steel guitar Ants Nuut – trombone, tuba, vocal Aleksander Vilipere – percussion, vocal Allan Jakobi – accordion, keyboard. Hillar King – bass

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