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Apocalyps biography

Apocalys is a creative name from Maxim Chaban, a Drum & Bass producer, born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. From an early age was always interested in electronic music, until in 2008 he began experimenting with his first music production software. Definitely the music of this young producer is seriously influenced for the technoid, although enriches their sessions with other styles like Neurofunk or Darkstep … so evolving with each new job realized. Their first release was on Cyber Punk Recordings [ Russia ] 3 November, 2009 Apocalyps - Twister. Since then this young producer has maintained a career unstoppable in the already published more than 20 releases, many of them in prestigious labels like : Insekto Recordings [ Spain ] Ex Machina Recordings [ Canada ] Extent Recordings [ United Kingdom ] Toxic Loud Recordings [ France ] Suspect Device Recordings [ Italy ] Mindstorm Records [ USA ] Sick Brain Records [ Spain ] Cyber Crunk Records [ Belgium ] Necroid Recordings [ Belgium ] Infectech Recordings [ Chile ] Brutal Attack Records [ Germany ] Cyber Punk Recordings [ Russia ] Pandorum Records [ Russia ] Tape Dubbing Records [ Ukraine ]

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