Apple top 20 songs


Apple biography

There are at least three acts with the name Apple. 1) A UK Funky House Producer. 2) Formed in London in 1968, Apple led by lead guitarist Rob Ingram and vocalist Denis Regan recorded only one album during their short tenure, but what an album it is. Repertoire Records has compiled all 12 tracks from the original lp along with both sides of the two singles the band released on Larry Page's Page One Records, a total of 16 tracks and 52 minutes playing time of pure, unadulterated classic British psychedelic rock. Nealy every track is a highlight in and of itself, but particular standouts are the single b-side "The Otherside," a Yardbirds cover "Psycho Daisies" and a Lovin' Spoonful Cover "Sporting Life." All three of these tracks contain exceptional guitar work from Ingram. Another standout is the b-side "Buffalo Billycan" again due to Ingram's work. The album was released with very little label support and failed to chart as did the singles and thus Apple lasted only a short time, as has been the fate of so many other talented bands. Thankfully "An Apple A Day" remains as proof positive of the band's tremendous talent. Fans of psychedelic rock and rock in general should do themselves a favor and snatch this one up, it is a prime example of how exciting guitar-driven psychedelic rock can be. 3) APPLE is a classic rock three-piece from Japan.

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