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Applecore biography

There are at least three bands called Applecore: Applecore (Bloomington, Indiana, US) Applecore is eight years old. They require guidance and positive role models so that they can someday grow up to be a productive member of society. They play punk rock power pop, but also like to play video games, watch movies, read (comic books), color, play with toys, eat (poorly), bathe (with each other), and consume copious amounts of alcohol (as mentioned, they need positive role models). Applecore resides in Bloomington, Indiana and have jobs which they all hope to quit. They drive a van that scares children and write music that scares adults. They get excited about really dumb things and depressed about even dumber things. Alive by no choice of their own, they make the best of it. They are assholes, sometimes; sweethearts, occasionally; awesome, always. Applecore (Russia) A noise musician. Applecore (Honolulu, Hawaii, US) An alt-rock four-piece that formed in 2012. Kaiser Dayuha on guitar and lead vocals, Gervacio Peralta on guitar, Lani Felicitas on bass, Alex Johnson on drums. Applecore on BandcampApplecore on Facebook

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