April top 20 songs


April biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) April is a Polish hardcore band from Zambrow. 2) April is a Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band founded in 2004. April was signed on to Spinefarm Records in early 2006, and the pre-production of their album started almost immediately. Between recording sessions the band has supported Bullet for My Valentine and played at two major open-air metal festivals. 3) April is April Kelly, formerly a freestyle singer and now a pop singer, who released the album Magical in 1990. http://www.theaprilproject.com/ 4) April is a Georgian hard rock band 5) April is an Eurobeat female singer. 6) APRIL is a Dutch band (both male and female singer) 7) April is a Slovenian female singer. 8) April was a British glam band who released two singles in 1975. 9) April is a Korean groups from DSP Media. 10) April is a Bosnian band from Tuzla. 11) Hardcore/Metal band from Germany in the 90s 12) A Post-Rock band from San Francisco, US. https://soundcloud.com/listentoapril

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