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There are at least two bands or artists called Archie: 1)The previous alias for Russian Progressive House producer Erik Taylor. Eric started to experiment with electronic music around 2006 and has gone under multiple aliases, his most popular alias before Archie being Archie.V. Early 2012 marked Eric's official debut in a professional electronic musician career under the name Archie. In September 2013 Archie's accounts were confiscated by his own manager, because of this, Eric decided to make new accounts for a short period of time, and then retired the name Archie. Eric Taylor is currently producing under the alias Desso with new management. All his previously produced music can be found on YouTube. A complete discography is available on Bandcamp Top tracks: 5upernova (Club Edit) Archie - Lapdance (Original Mix) Leto (Radio Edit) 2) A Psychobilly band similar to Batmobile in style. They appeared on the albums "Psycho attack over Europe vols 1 & 2" and had their own mini album "Listen to what Archie sez".. Top tracks Listen To What Archie Sez Warpath Steelcap Stomp

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