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Armada biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Armada was a hardcore punk band from Milwaukee, WI. 2) ARMADA are an Indonesian Melancholic Pop Band. The band is driven by Andith (DRUM), Rizal (vocals), Endra ‘(BASS), Mai (Guitar) and Radha (Guitar). In 2009, Fleet band released a second album ‘Hal Terbesar’ with a single reliable ‘Buka Hatimu’. 3) The Armada is a three-piece rock band based in Cork, Ireland. Fronted by Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, The Armada aims to encompass the tone of The Tea Party, while moving it forward. The band was formed when Jeff Martin and Wayne Sheehy met in an Irish Pub. The two hit it off immediately and soon started making music together.[1] The name of the band refers to the Spanish Armada: “We were like, what is this?” [Jeff Martin] said. “It’s massive, but what do we make of this?” That’s when Sheehy commented, “It’s kind of like the Spanish Armada . . . attacking you from all fronts.”[2] Their debut album The Armada, was released through the Kingdom Records website on November 4, 2008.[4] 4) ARMADA are an eclectic three piece cranking out smart, soulful indie rock from the heart of Los Angeles. Smatterings of Wilco, Radiohead, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, and Rolling Stones combine to form the dynamic hush and power that defines one of LA’s most exciting new bands.

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