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There are at least 4 bands named Arrival: 1) Russian Synthpop / Rave Band. 2) Finnish Melodic Black Metal band. Sin. K - Vocals Inzomniac - Guitars Isv. Kran - Drums Sn TwentynineA - Keyboard Icrs2K - Guitars, Bass An Abstract Of Inertia (Full-length album) Edgerunner Records (2002) Son of Stormbringer (7") (2001) Icon of Worthless (Promo) (1999) 3) A seven-member group from Liverpool, England formed in the late '60s. Members were Dyan Birch, Paddy McHugh, Frank Collins, Carroll Carter (vocals), Lloyd Courtney, Don Hume, and Tony O'Malley. They had two U.K. hits in 1970: "Friends" (number eight) and "I Will Survive" (number 16). Birch, Collins, McHugh and O'Malley later formed Kokomo. Arrival had two albums "The Arrival" (1970) and "Heartbreak Kid" (1973). 4) An American Christian Aor/Melodic Rock band. 5) Hungarian thrash metal band from Dunaújváros from the early 1990s.

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