Arsenic top 20 songs


Arsenic biography

1. Death/Thrash Metal band from NYC, U.S.A. Formed in 1984. They have been granted big respect and a cult status in the underground metal scene worldwide. 2. Alternative / Darkstep / Psytrance project from Brazil. Some of us champion sports hero’s and some look to larger than life move stars for inspiration. Arizona bred producer Tyler "Arsenic" Larsen looks to family, friends, and expression. A true what you see is what you get character. Recording engineer by day, MMA fighter by choice, and beat-maker by sun down. Whether it be producing for fellow label mates Ecid, Span Phly, and Jordan Miché or your average beat hungry MC looking to grow. You can always be rest assured Arsenic is going to provide his trademark psychedelic desert funk.

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