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Art Cube formed in 2007 and were signed to Sequence Records label. Z, Y, N, and M are all former members of Brain Hacker, although Z is probably best know as his alter-persona "Seth" from Moi Dix Mois. In the same vein, M used to be a support keyboardist for MALICE MIZER during their last year together before their indefinite hiatus. In the same year of as their formation, they performed two lives at Meguro RockMayKan and released one track on omnibus SUMMIT 04. The band's theme is "Tribal Gothic," and plays music that is a mixture of gothic rock with symphonic elements and straight forward hard-rock. In comparison to other bands, Art Cube has had a rather slow release rate. However, the band has managed to put out two collection albums, one of which was a European release. Art Cube has also toured internationally: in 2009 they went to Europe and intended to tour South America as well, but due to management issues the latter tour had to be canceled. In 2010, keyboardist M had to take a break from the band due to health reasons. Although he was able to return to the stage in the summer of that year, he later left the band in the fall due to further medical complications. Currently the band is signed to DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISES, which is owned by the owner of Meguro RockMayKan and was also the label that held Black:List after they left Sequence Records, along with Sequence Records' former owner's new band, TRIGGAH. On September 30 of 2012, drummer S left the band. Members: Vocal: Z (ゼタ, Zeta) (AMADEUS → Brain Hacker → Art Cube → Moi dix Mois) Guitar: Y (ユウ, Yuu) (Brain Hacker → Art Cube) Bass: N (エネ, Ene) (LIGHT CIDER → ANTIQUE DOLL → Brain Hacker → Art Cube) Ex-Members: Support Guitar: kng (GRAND ZERO → Moi dix Mois → 刺四 → Art Cube) Keyboard: M (エンメ, Enme) (MAY BREEZE → Brain Hacker → Art Cube) Drums: S (エッセ, Esse) (妃阿甦 → PLASMAJET → Art Cube → ∀NTI FEMINISM) Official Website: OHP: Former OHP: Release: (2008.01.30) SUMMIT 04 Omnibus (2008.07.23) 砂の華 (2008.07.23) BARKS Visual Bloom Omnibus (2008.10.XX) Sequence Records FAMILY PARTY 2008 EUROPE LIMITED EDITION Omnibus (2008.12.20) SUMMIT 05 Omnibus (2008.12.24) 失楽蝶 (2009.05.10) -無限大∞感染- Omnibus (2009.06.17) 瑠璃雨/虹化鏡 (2009.09.28) Luxurious cube 〔EUROPE/USA tour Limited Edition〕 (2009.12.23) 螺旋月 (2010.04.28) 花陽影~Petal~ (2010.08.20) 香想曲 (2010.12.22) Art Cube (2011.02.02) EXPLOSION SHOWCASE Omnibus (2011.02.16) SUMMIT FINAL Omnibus (2011.07.13) Art Sensation Coupling (2012.07.25) 奇形箱 (2012.12.12) 同未来~pensive moon~

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