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Started in 1996, The French band The Astro Zombies went a long way since their 1st EP released in 1997 on a small French label, Sfax. These 10 years have seen the trio from Burgundy play Poland to Spain as well as Finland, England, Germany, Italy… They released 4 albums, played in big European festivals, opened for bands like The Meteors, GuanaBatz and much more, till they acquired a name on their own on the psychobilly scene as well as the R’n’R scene. Their 1st album, “The AstroZombies are coming” was recorded “In Heaven” by one of the originator of Psychobilly, Paul P. Fenech, of the cult band The Meteors in 1997. The result of this terrifying meeting is 12 songs of pure and evil rock’n’roll which would open the way for the band on the psychobilly world. From that encounter of the 4th dimension, Bobby (Guitar/vocals) and Gaybeul (drums) will find themselves years later participating in PP Fenech band project “The 10th key Screamers”. In 2000, the band record a second album called “Control your minds” on the German label Crazy love Record who also decides to repress the first album as it was getting hard to get. This second album shows that the band had grown up and songs like “Jeckyll and Hyde”, “Lil’Henry”, “Scene of the crime” or “Leather and Pain” show a darker and more melodic side of the band. After several tours of Europe, the Zombies are ready to conquer the whole world and go to record their third album “Mutilate, Torture and Kill” at the legendary (on the French garage/r’n’r scene) Kaiser Studio. It came out in 2003 on the English label Raucous Records. This album shows how the band has musically grown up and is not afraid to mix styles and influences. Songs like “666 racing” played with a Motorhead touch or their take on the Cure song “Plastic Passion”, the ballad with the pop influence of “Psychos on the road” show their open-mindness while keeping their psychotic minds with songs like the crazy “Terrifying Astro Zombies” or in “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” as well as showing their lack of serious in “Devil Ducky”. 2004 see them with a new bassplayer, Fantomas,of US band Kings of Nuthin and formerly of Frantic Flintstones and a few months later the recording in their hometown of a live album “BURGUNDY LIVErs”on Raucous Records. The band believed a live album was the best way to show the R’n’R world what the band was all about on stage. Blessed with a great sound, it felt like an obligatory step on the way to the next studio album. Like a good wine, after all Burgundy IS the place, they matured but definitely didn’t calm down, having gathered an experience of the stage and studio, years of traveling down the r’n’r road through most of the European countries and then more. This album show their take of their own tunes from their 3 studio albums: the drum frenzy of “666 Racing“ or the madness of “Terrifying AstroZombies” , the psychotic “I’ll never be you’re your friend” or the darkness of “Jekyll and Hyde” as well as on their covers: the upbeat skanking versions of “Suicide” or “Bertha Lou”, the upbeat version of “Bang Bang” …. The end of 2006 should open new borders for the AstroZombies and should also see the band going to the studio for their 4th studio album. To Be Continued….worldwide !

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