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Asylum Party was one of the bands that emerged out of the so called "Nouvelle Vague", the French New Wave. Like British bands such as And Also the Trees, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Comsat Angels and The Chameleons they played a very dreamy, refined kind of post-punk.The band was founded in 1985 in Courbevoie, France and consisted of Thierry Sobézyk, Philippe Planchon, and Pascale Macé. Founding members Thierry Sobezyk and Philippe Planchon, both being childhood friends, formed the band in 1985 shortly after their previous band dissolved. Chipping money in together, the two bought a drum machine and so forth was the band formed. After the release of their mini lp Picture One in 1988, the band acquired their friend Pascale Mace and recorded their first full album Borderline in 1989. Soon after the release of their second full album Mother, the bands future started to look bleak. Because of financial restraints and lack of commercial successAsylum Party disbanded in 1990.

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